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Tandem Law is the Lead Solicitor in the Kenyan Emergency Group Litigation (KEGL) for claims made against the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office and HM Government in relation to the atrocities committed against Kenyan nationals during the state of emergency in 1950s Kenya.

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Our Team

The firm’s Reparations Team is led by Freddie Cosgrove-Gibson, supported by Steven Martin and Tracey Greatorex, together with a vastly experienced Barrister's team, at the High Court in London. Further support is provided by a legal research team in the firms head office in Manchester.

In addition to its UK office, Tandem Law has a permanent presence in Kenya, providing on-the-ground assistance to clients from offices in Nairobi. Since the summer of 2011, the Reparations Team has worked meticulously to collect detailed client statements, which form the basis of the bespoke litigation.

  • Freddie Cosgrove-Gibson

    Freddie Cosgrove-Gibson is the lead solicitor in the Kenyan Emergency Group Litigation and has..

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  • Steven Martin

    Steve Martin specialises in complex and high value cases. He qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and..

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  • Tracey Greatorex

    Tracey Greatorex is an experienced Personal Injury litigator who qualified as a solicitor in 2004.

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Our Clients

Tandem Law acts for over 20,000 victims of the reparations litigation, including Eloise Mukami Dedan Kimathi, the widow of the former Mau Mau leader, Field Marshall Dedan Kimathi. The firm is also instructed by General Waweru James Karanja Nyoro.

Our Experience

Tandem Law’s Reparations Team has a detailed knowledge of the legal process behind the Kenyan Emergency Group Litigation and its experience is unparalleled. The firm is committed to bringing about a satisfactory conclusion to the litigation process and ensuring its clients receive the justice they deserve.