We write further to previous correspondence and updates. We can confirm that your potential claim has been formally put on the Kenyan Emergency Group Litigation Register and we now need you to check your details are correct.

Confirmation of your Personal Details

Please confirm that your personal details at the top of this letter are accurate. If the details are not accurate please contact Miller & Co and advise of them of any changes that need to be made.

If you have received this correspondence as next of kin because the original recipient has sadly passed away, please contact Miller & Co as a matter of urgency.

Miller & Co can be contacted on:

Miller and Company Advocates Nairobi, Standard Street, Bruce House 13th Floor PO Box 45707-00100 Nairobi
Kenya Tele : +254 20 2248461
Email: miller@milleradvocates.com
Tandem Law Email : kenya@tandem-law.com

Test Cases
In a Group Litigation where there are many claimants like yourself, it is unworkable for the court to hear and consider each individual claim. Instead, test cases are used that save the judicial system the time and expense of conducting proceedings for each and every case that involves the same or similar issues.

On the 8 July 2014 the High Court of England and Wales ordered by consent that 40 test cases will be drawn from our clients. The selection of these test cases from an original sample of 100 cases will ensure that each cause of action pleaded will be considered and representations made to the court.

We are currently finalising the initial 100 random selected cases. It is very important that if you are personally chosen as a potential test case that you fully engage with your case workers and lawyers to ensure that you give as much evidence as you can to ensure the success of the litigation for all the claimants.
Tandem Law will directly contact any client that is randomly selected to be a potential test case.

Next Court Hearing
The next time that the litigation is before the High Court of England and Wales will be on the 10 December 2014 when a case management hearing will take place. This is a hearing primarily to determine what the next stages of the litigation will involve. It usually takes place when the case is more complex and involves a lot of issues to consider and decide. The timetable for certain steps which need to be taken has to be fixed in order to deal with the case expeditiously.

In Conclusion
Please ensure that all your personal contact details are correct. Finally, thank you for instructing Tandem Law to represent you. We shall write to you again to update you on the progress of the litigation before the next hearing in December 2014.

Tandem Law