Birth Injuries

If there has been a medical error and the team responsible for caring for you and your baby has not met the standards expected of them, resulting in injury – or worse – to you or your child, it is your right to make those responsible accountable.

We act for clients who have suffered some form of injury during childbirth ranging from tearing, infections, post-traumatic stress disorder, pelvic fractures, scarring and complications of Caesarean sections, right through to severe injury to the baby, including cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, fractures, spinal injuries and deformities.

Our specialist solicitors will offer reassurance and advice on making a claim against a hospital responsible for maternal and foetal wellbeing in cases where abnormalities were not picked up in pre-natal tests such as the 20-week scan, resulting in the birth of a child who needs lifelong care and support.

We also act for clients whose injuries become apparent only months or years after the event; your child might exhibit learning difficulties or delayed development as a result of incorrect treatment or diagnosis.

You have until your child’s 21st birthday to bring a claim against the responsible body, however, in some instances this limitation does not apply and you can bring a claim at any time.

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Not only can we deal with your legal claim but we can also put you in touch with relevant support groups who offer practical advice, compassion and assistance. You don’t have to feel like you’re alone.