Cosmetic Surgery

Most cosmetic surgeons are meticulous, taking time to manage their patients’ expectations and explain the risks of the procedure, but on occasion some clinics choose to cut corners to maximise profit. In these “conveyor-belt” type operations patients are often rushed through surgery with little or no aftercare, leading to untreated infections and the necessity for corrective surgery.

New rules were introduced to ensure that all cosmetic surgeons registering after 1st April 2002 would undergo specialist surgical training and register with the General Medical Council before being allowed to practice. However, anyone registered before that date can remain unregulated and might still be performing procedures without any specialist training.

Injections (such as Botox) and laser treatment are classed as non-surgical and as such are not currently subject to regulation. The increasing demand for these procedures, and a growing number of untrained and unregulated practitioners, has led to a corresponding rise in complaints.

Make a Claim

If you have been the victim of a negligent practitioner, you might consider making a claim for compensation.

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