Drug Misprescription

The misprescription of drugs is an error which can happen in a numerous way in various medical establishments, and accounts for around 20% of medical negligence claims every year.

Many errors arise through the misreading of illegible prescription forms, leading to the pharmacist giving the patient a wrong, but similarly-named, drug to the one prescribed.

Factors that Contribute to Drug Misprescription Errors

The most dangerous mistakes occur in hospitals where very potent drugs are used and a number of factors are known to contribute to these errors:

  • Staffing rotas which impede continuity and consistency of care
  • Staff exhaustion
  • nappropriate delegation of treatment procedures to junior and inexperienced staff
  • Inadequate or non-existent cross-checking systems between doctors or nurses prescribing potent drugs
  • Failure to identify, label and store dangerous drugs and other substances
  • Giving a patient another patient’s drugs

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