22nd January 2015                           




The Judge in the Kenyan Emergency Group Litigation relating to the torture, mistreatment, forced labour and wrongful detention by the British Government of Kenyan nationals during the 1952 Kenyan State of Emergency, has set a provisional trial date following a Case Management Conference in London.


Speaking at the High Court on 11th December 2014, Mr Justice Stewart set a provisional trial window with the hearing to start between 5 May 2016 and 7 November 2016. It is estimated that the trial will take six months.


In any Group Litigation it is unworkable for the Court to hear and consider each individual claim. In this litigation, approximately 25 test cases will be heard that provide an accurate representation of the range and type of claims on the Group Register. These test cases will be selected from a pool of 40 randomly selected test cases. These claimants have been informed of their selection and the potential need to give evidence.


Freddie Cosgrove-Gibson, lead solicitor for Tandem Law, says: “It is disappointing that justice is being delayed so long for the people of Kenya. However, theUK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has shown no interest in starting any negotiations despite settling similar claims under the Leigh Day settlement. Nevertheless, we remain committed to work with the Court and the FCO to bring these matters to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.”


Tandem Law’s Kenyan agent is Miller and Company Advocates. Cecil Miller from the firm adds:


Our aim is to secure adequate and long-overdue financial compensation for claimants and hope that this matter can be drawn to a satisfactory conclusion for the many elderly claimants before it is too late.




“We will keep all our claimants informed of any progress in this matter and would also like to reassure them that they are not required to pay any money to us, or any other party, in order to be part of this litigation, or in order to receive a settlement.” 








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